Wedding Championship Belt Designs Templates

We are designing the ultimate wedding championship belt design that you can use as a gift for wedding ceremonies. Present it to your friend Bride or Groom if they are huge wrestling fans. We make it with a pure leather strap and a plate with a customized design. Our wedding wrestling championship belt is the not only the symbol of victory but it is a pride wear for every owner. Get it in versatile patterns, artwork, shapes, sizes, colors, and trends. Our talented team is always ready to serve you. 

Custom Wedding Championship Belts

The metal we use for customized wedding championship belts is silver, brass, zinc, or gold plated. Its length is usually 132m with 8 rows of heavy-duty images. The size of the center plate is 8 x 7 inches which varies upon your request. If you like glossy bright plates or decent finished matte-look plates we can also make it specially for you. An image of your choice is also printed inside the plate whether it’s yours or your child’s. We are here to do everything for your happiness and satisfaction. Get a name on it with a beautiful design. We add remarkable design patterns on the side areas and in the middle of it with 2 and 4.5 diameters.